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Recent update

2009-04-25 16:50:55 by Stick-Corporation

Stick Corporation has been inactive for a very long periode. This is due to that we (the team) has been playing world of warcraft. This game takes alot of spare time and we are still going to play it for and unknown amount of time. However, I have made an update for my homepage, (The official site). I am also working on a first person shooter, but Action Scripting is heavily needed and I am currently looking for very good action scriptors. This game will be outstanding to the most of its kind, there aren't many FPS games created in Flash because that it is not possible to make real time 3D were you can move around.

Here's a test of the game engine (note: The game engine is around two years old and I haven't been updating it since than due to my inactivity. However, many things will be upgraded in the real game.):
FPS engine - test

Here's a preview of the main menu (note: The actual game will not have the pictures included from the real game in the mission selection, it will be from this flash game, also be aware it is only the main menu there is no game play at all.):
Project IGI - Test

Things that will be added to the in-game menu that I have in mind at the moment:
- Full screen selection.
- Choose between different crosshairs for weapons.
- Name input and a score board.


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